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Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY: Bath Bombs

 I LOVE Pinterest. I mean really love it. Do I do half the things I pin, not even CLOSE. However, I do try some of the projects. I'll be faithful and write my HONEST opinion. The kids and I wanted to make some bath "fizzies". Anything to make the bath more fun, right? Because playing in water isn't fun....yeah right.

The first time we experimented with bath fizzies I had all in the intentions on taking pictures with it, but they got out of control and started fizzing BEFORE we even got to the bath, or even let them dry...they wouldn't dry. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. So, what'd I do? I threw them in the freezer. No way was I dumping them out....are you crazy. Do you know how hard it is to find Citric Acid? It's IMPOSSIBLE! We had to order it online! (Don't worry, I didn't order it online just for this, Pastor uses it to make cheese too).

So the first batch had to be stored in the freezer, because well if they weren't, the would just grow and grow and grow...the kids thought it was cool. It was a science experiment that's for sure. I guess I should've paid more attention in high school chemistry. Whoops.

Ok, so the first time I did this, it was bad. The second time I did this, it didn't work. It didn't go everywhere, it did nothing. Didn't even stay together. It was frustrating. I used Martha Stewarts recipe. Ugh. More Citric Acid to figure out what to do with it.

So back to pinterest I went.

I searched.

And searched....

Then I found BATH BOMBS! Not only is it a WAY cooler name, but I was going to be able to use what didn't work the second time around and just add a few more things. Now, they didn't work great but they worked. So, nothing wasted.

I really don't know how much of what ingredients I used, but go to both of the recipes and you can see how I did what I did. The only thing I'm wondering is what in the world does the corn starch have to do with the bombs? Is that how she got them to stay together. I just couldn't figure that one out. Any ideas? Either way. They worked. We did die them green, so it turned our bath water a nice green color (but don't worry, food coloring doesn't stain your tub!). I also had Eucalyptus Essential Oils that I added in, because both of the kids are started to come down with coughs, and I do not want to be sick so I thought maybe this would help.

I will try this AGAIN and hopefully get it right, on round 1. Stay tuned.

**UPDATE** A friend of mine has told me that washing corn starch down your drain isn't good, but maybe in the amounts of this (1/2c) per the amount of water in the bath isn't that bad. Either way, the next batch will probably NOT contain corn starch.

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