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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gardening with a Black Thumb

I have killed MY FAIR SHARE of plants in my lifetime (which isn't that long by the way). Makes me think of this Miracle Gro Commercial I've seen lately.

Anyway, I'm SUPER excited to share with you a site that I stumbled across.

I found Smart Gardner. This site is AMAZING. It allows you to plan out your garden, to the size you have it and then it tells you which plants don't grow well next to others (like don't all plants get along? I guess not).

So, I was ill informed about WHEN I should plant things and found out I'm behind...great. Just what I needed. However I have this AWESOME friend who helped me along and has been answering even my silliest of silly questions about gardening. I'm proud to tell you that while I planted my seeds on April 2 (most plants take 7-10 days to germinate, so I'm giving myself until Friday to be super disappointed) TWO of the plants have sprouted and taken off!

My garden this year will include (Lord Willing....especially since I'm going to be GONE for 7 weeks this summer...eek!)
Tomatoes (3 types)
Salad Mix (which has already sprouted...and I found out I should've just planted this outdoors...oops)
Broccoli (which has already sprouted!)
Raspberries (those aren't IN my garden in a bed on the side of the house...and I hope I get a LOT).

I'll update you on how things are going! Next week I'll have some tips on how to garden with kids...

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