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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Name Kites

Last week while we worked on the letter K, we also worked on spelling the people in our families names. So we made name kites. Both of the kids really enjoyed making them. #1 knows almost all his letters and so he can go around pointing to the letters and spelling everyone's names. It makes him feel all big and strong.

They were very easy to make.
First we cut a diamond out of the color paper each child chose.
Then we glued on the persons picture (this was really fun for the kids, not sure why).
Then we added our string.
Finally we colored and cut out the letters and put them in the right order! 

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  1. Hi from HHH!
    Very cute. No better time of year for Kites! It has been so darn windy here this spring. Let's go fly a kite . . .


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