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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy Day Craft

I love how God uses the weather to my advantage in preschool homeschooling. This week we're talking about letter R(we're behind a bit). On Monday it was Raining (something that doesn't happen often in Idaho)...I took advantage of this. We talked about rain, rainbows and lots of things that started with R, but put emphasis on the rain. We even jumped in the puddles (which was probably the highlight of the day on Monday for the kids).

So, because it was raining, and we were talking about the letter R. I decided we'd do our Rainy Day Craft. Because after all, April Showers, Bring May Flowers, RIGHT?

This is such a SIMPLE craft and is super fun! I have some neat clip art to go in the foreground of this craft. If you'd like them, you can find them here.

Here's what you'll need
White paper
White Crayon (and other colors for coloring the clip art people)
blue water color paint & brush

 1. Draw your white "rain" drops on the white paper.
2. Use your blue water color paint and paint the WHOLE page blue. (You'll notice the water color doesn't go over the white crayon, so it creates the rain drop).
3. Let it dry. While waiting, color your clip art to glue in the foreground of the paper.
4. Cut out the clip art pieces..

5. Glue onto the page.

6. Ta Da! Your rainy day art project! Simple and fun.

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