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Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Letter W

I've kinda been MIA on the weekly wrap up. We HAVE been doing schooling...well I'd like to call it unschooling, because its not always intentional but throughout every part of our day, I'm teaching the kids, some way or another.

This week we did W. Here's a snap shot of our week.

 Something new...finding W things in the bean buckets.
 Whale, wheels, and Ws.
 Color Puzzles...this was a bit easy for him.
 Random stickers. #2 LOVES Stickers. Giver her stickers and she'll be entertained for half an hour or more!
 She likes to do what #1 does...imagine that!
 Dot page.
Handwriting. It's not as much of a fight anymore now that he has a special pencil gripper. Who would've thought it would've been that easy!?

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  1. Hi Beth! Thank you for linking with Collage Friday.... I love all of the hands on learning your little ones are doing. (I don't think we're ever too old for stickers, do you?)

    Have a great week!


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