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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday Plates: MOPS Craft

I stumbled upon Whimsy Love's blog while searching for MOPS crafts. I love how she writes. It's comical and easy to read. The best kind of blogs.

We're about to end our MOPS season. It has been an AWESOME first year. I've been blessed with so many new friendships as well as deepening others. God is So Good! All the Time!

So, for one of our last crafts we're having a local doctor come back and speak about weigh loss. He spoke at the beginning of the year about his Chew It campaign, getting people to CHEW their calories, not drink them. I think Pastor needs to hear his speech, because he drinks 2-3 Dr. Peppers a DAY!

Anyway, Whimsy Love had a GREAT tutorial for making these plates. I figured, since it was a bit more "intense" craft I probably should really try this one out before I teach it. So we had a little girls night and a few of us made our plates. One of my GREAT friends is about ready to have her baby, any day now really, so she was excited to paint her plate before baby comes!
So we painted our plates. We took the idea all from the tutorial link I provided above. I got the plates for $1.50 a WalMart and the paints for $1.97 each, not bad. A LITTLE paint goes a LONG way, I learned that, the hard way. So we timed how long it too us to a.) pick out our design and write it on the plates, with dry erase markers - so you don't have to paint your letters backwards! b.) pick our colors and c.) paint. I estimated about 30 minutes for this craft, and took DOUBLE that.

Good thing we did this ahead of time, now we changed our scheduling for the MOPS meeting.  Phew.

 Then we baked them for 60 minutes (30 didn't seem enough) at 350 degrees.

 Here is my plate. The birthday person in the house will get to use this plate on their special day. We'll probably use it for UN birthday's too, because its so cool. I think we might make more! They were super easy and fun!

HOWEVER! I had TOO much paint on mine, and so when it baked, it didn't really do anything, just made it all bubbling, and so my recommendation to you is to make sure you SMOOTH out your paint....its all bumpy on the bottom, so when you set it on the table its a little uneven, but I still think its way cool. Not bad, for the first round!

I'm SUPER excited to share this with the MOPS moms next week!

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