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Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Brave

On Fridays a group of people who love to throw caution to the wind and just write without worrying if it’s just right gather to share what five minutes buys them.

Just five minutes.

I really like doing this and linking up with Lisa Jo Baker. 



I recently read a blog post about a Pastor’s Wife. I’m not sure if it was written BY a pastor’s wife. A lot of the post was true. A LOT. It talked about the wife basically leaving her old life behind and joining her husband in this new life. (That’s one of the points I didn’t really “agree” with, but more on that later).

Many people who aren’t church workers, friends with church workers, grew up a child of a church worker, or something of that sorts, don’t get what it takes. They really don’t. They try. But they don’t get it.

It’s a lot of sacrifice, but then again, isn’t marriage?

I started dating Pastor, before he knew he wanted to be a pastor.

Actually, he started out at a state school in North Dakota wanting to be an engineer. Imagine that, it would’ve been like triple his salary! He did one year of school for that and a job shadowing and realized he did NOT want to sit at a desk all day. He’s a people person. Anyone who knows him knows that. He thrives being around people. He hates, absolutely HATES sitting in meetings….

So, a couple years into us dating, he decides to go to a school 4 hours away from me, to double minor in biblical languages (Greek, Hebrew, Arabic…oh my) and Lutheran confession (I think?). I continued dating him. Got engaged actually. I knew that the next step was seminary. I knew I’d have to “follow” him wherever the Lord would take him.

I took the plunge. I knew God had awesome things in mind for us.

We've moved a LOT. We'll still be moving, I know where we are now, we won't be "forever". I'd like to think that, but I know it isn't true. God knows.

We've met some great people along the way. Each time we move somewhere we develop new friendships, which makes it even harder to leave.

Through all these things  I was brave  in trusting that God knew what was best for us and let him take control. It takes a lot being a whole days drive (if not more) from FAMILY. So, we've developed our church family. They are who we lean on. I've been brave in following Pastor and have enjoyed our joyous journey...I continue to be brave and explore the new things. Even if it means being farther from family and dear friends.




  1. Beth, it's a leap of faith, isn't it? But it is rewarding when the fruit starts to show up and it's also great to meet different people everywhere. Keep being brave. Keep walking on water. Keep following Jesus and it is only when we hold on tight to His hand that we are brave. Many blessings!!!

  2. Blessings and love to you.


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