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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Traveling with Preschoolers, Part 1 - The PLANNING.

Have I mentioned the CRAZY amount of driving the kids and I will be doing this summer? I know I've mentioned that I won't be blogging as regularly this summer. I'll try and keep up with 3 days a week...but we'll be gone for over 7 weeks this summer, so bare with me!

In the month of June ALONE we will travel  over 3700 miles. In July we'll travel we'll travel 2400 miles. We're doing this all by car van. I'm praying I don't dislike my children after these trips.

Pastor will only be traveling with us in July. We're doing the June trip solo with the help of my mom, who had the awesome idea to use her plane ticket (that she had already purchased for #3s birth, but had to change it due to her birth being scheduled later) to fly here, drive to North Dakota, Minnesota, and there around - and back, and then fly back to North Dakota, where she currently lives. Don't I have an awesome momma!?

Well, I figured since we're doing SO MUCH DRIVING that I better find ways to keep my little people entertained in the car (because watching DVDs for 14 hours, isn't the best parenting tactic, in my mind).

Now I've flown with children before...I've dug deep into how to prepare kids for a flying adventure.

I've also learned a lot about traveling with preschoolers. Like how many juice boxes NOT to give a toddler.

This trip to ND and back isn't foreign. I've done it before by myself, and have had THIS plan of attack before (not saying it didn't work, but #1 and #2 are so used to it, I need to shake it up a bit), but I'm venturing out and finding NEW things, once again!

My check list is as follows:
  • Get the van inspected by Pastor - oil change, some other fluid change he told me but I can't remember what
  • Buy new tires for the van - this is OVER DUE, and what better than to break new tires in on a road trip
  • Make some DIY games things to keep #1 & #2 busy (coming next week!)
  •  Find some songs, rhymes, and finger plays to sing with the kids (coming May 23rd)
  • Plan easy snacks & meals for the car - I want to be as FRUGAL as possible while driving, so we're going to MAP out our stops with rest areas and eat there (hoping it doesn't rain).  (coming May 30th) 
  • What we need to pack - both for the drive and for our stay 
  • How to entertain #3 (she'll be 6 months for the trip)
  •  A few sewing projects to help keep #1 & #2 from making the van look like a complete DISASTER  (coming June 6th) gotta have my momma here to help me sew. She's the pro.
  • Other - you always need an other, right?

So join me in a 4 part series (The remaining Thursday's in May) as we get ready for our summer of traveling. Next week you'll see some easy DIY games that will keep your toddler and preschooler busy while you cruise down the road!

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