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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: The Bible Doodle Book

#1s Godparents got him this AWESOME Bible Doodle Book. It's a drawing book. It helps tell the bible stories, and the kids get to draw the parts. It's simply AMAZING. Now #1 isn't the BEST artist in the world, so Pastor and him have been doing a page or so a day. They are really enjoying it together!

It starts out in the beginning, God creating the earth. Here is what it looks like to #1 and Pastor!

 The book even comes with CUSTOMIZABLE stickers. You can COLOR the stickers and add them to the book, wherever you choose! My kids absolutely LOVE stickers! This was such a cool feature!

They keep it simple, and tell you what to draw. Which is very helpful!

The graphics included in the book are great. #1 loves them and I personally think they hit the concepts of the bible passages right on the head!

This is a great activity book. I'd say it probably should be for older kids, but what a great opportunity for Pastor and #1 to work together on something! A GREAT doodle book!

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