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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 Kids, 2 Months, and 1 Van

I posted I was on vacation until July 9th, and here it is almost August! Whoops! We have been INCREDIBLY busy (which is almost an understatement). Being able to sit down and not pack a suit case, fill the van with gas, or run to church is something new these days!

From June 6th to last week we've been traveling all over the Midwest and west coast! It's been a meaningful summer for my family. We have traveled, to date, 6,200 miles. Its almost like driving to coast to coast, twice! My kiddos were AMAZING travelers. You can see some of the things that kept them busy (and boy was it 110% successful) here. For the month of June we traveled with my mom throughout the state of North Dakota and Minnesota. We saw as many of my relatives as we could. I can probably count on one hand the people we DIDN'T see. It was a GREAT month. I also was able to attend one of my dear friends weddings in our home town. It was such a blessing to be able to be at her wedding and help her celebrate her special day.

This trip to North Dakota was our last. At least for a long time. My mom announced that she and my step dad will be retiring at the end of the year (or there abouts) and she decided not to renew her teaching contract. They will be moving to their AWESOME barn, in northern Minnesota. So basically them moving has now DOUBLED the time it will take us to drive there (about 4 days instead of 2, one way). We now will be flying whenever we see them, which is both good and bad.

After being home for just 36 hours from North Dakota we got back in the van and drove to the coast. We took the scenic route and it was just beyond beautiful. Pastor's brother lives in Oregon, about 2 hours from the ocean and we always get together over the 4th and spend a week today. We do Christmas in July because all of the men in the family are pastors, and to spend time together over the Christmas holiday is just never going to happen. We had 6 kids, 4 and under plus 6 adults. It was a crazy busy, but fun time. We went on a safari, spend a lot of time swimming in a pool, went to an art/wine fair, and Pastor and I went to some winery's and joined a wine club (something I NEVER thought we'd do). I feel all official now!

When we got home from the coast, we had a week and 2 days before we got in the van, yet again! This time we went up to the Sawtooth mountains for the week and stayed at Camp Perkins. This is an LCMS camp that our church is affiliated with and Pastor goes up and helps teach guitar camp. This year it was a little more interesting than other years, because a pretty big fire was burning only about 10 miles from camp, which made us lose power. It was real camping. Don't worry, we still had food, running water, and fun. It was only for about 26 hours, so it wasn't bad.

After our week up at camp we came home and I had planned on the 5 of us going to Yellowstone for a couple days or going somewhere just the 5 of us, because we haven't done that yet, with all our traveling...BUT I'm just exhausted and the idea of packing a suit case again just sickens me...SO we are having a STAYcation. Pastor has yet to finish the shed which he said would be done in June so we are taking 3 days to stay home, work on the shed, and have a little fun. I'm sure we'll go to a couple water parks for the afternoons when its 100 degrees out, but otherwise we are going to hang out, enjoy our family, and prepare for the upcoming school year.

I'll be back in full swing next Monday, but stay tuned to Thursday for a bathroom project I'm currently working on!

I hope your summer has been fun, resting, and enjoyable!
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