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Thursday, August 22, 2013

KOOL Party Favors

 #2 turns 3 on Friday....where does the time go? I tell you, by the third kid time just zips by. On Friday #3 is also 9 months (so she's been "out" as long as she was "in").

We are having a little birthday bbq for #2 on Friday, her actual birthday. She's pretty excited about her party. She will tell you how old she is going to be and what kind of party she is going to have....a LADYBUG party. She chose that...easy. I've decided to do cake pops, decorated like ladybugs. Works well. We will do one bigish cake, like a dirt cake with a couple ladybugs on the top. I'll show you Friday, when the masterpiece is finished!

For now, I'll show you what I've come up with for her party favors. They aren't ladybug themed, because lets face it, some little boys (she has both girls and boys coming to her party) don't really want ladybug things. So we decided that since its the end of summer, this would work. She is thanking everyone for making her party KOOL. The party favors include a crazy straw, kool-aid, salt, flour, and directions to make kool-aid play-doh (hence what the flour and sugar are for). The play-doh is pretty fun to play with (once you made it).

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