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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sick Kid Activities

I certainly didn't think I'd be posting about sick kids in the midst of summer....but what do you know our little germ carrier (ie, #2...the one who ALWAYS starts the house of being sick) was up and puking the other night. The night before I got my teeth pulled actually and Pastor was so gracious and stayed up with #2 for hours into the weee morning holding her hair while she puked, changing sheets (we've learned after one round of puke not even to put sheets back on the beds, because we have these NICE waterproof bed covers. I'm so thankful for them! Anywho, Pastor stayed up with here so I could rest before having my teeth pulled out (which wasn't as bad as I had imagined.).

So, this post came to mind because we don't have a lot of "tricks" to entertain the kids when they are sick. Other than to turn to the TV and netflix. So I searched the web, found some ideas, and came up with our own. Here's our running list so far.

10 Activities to do with sick kids at home
1. Set up a TV tray in your kids bed or on the couch and give them some pretty beads and thin elastic thread. Tie one bead at the end of the thread, then let her string other beads onto the elastic in a pattern. Tie the two ends of the elastic and trim off the excess.

2. Pull out some old socks, random buttons that have fallen off shirts, plus some fabric scraps and fabric glue — and let your child's creativity run wild. Once you have finished making your sock puppets, put on a little puppet show with your child. (This one is good for the well kids who have to stay home because of the sick kids!).

3. Resusable sticker books. #1 likes these, #2 likes these.

4. Coloring books (I keep a set of "NEW" sick crayons. The kids look forward to the small new things from time to time). 

5. Sorting and counting money. 

6. Read, Read, Read. We often sit on the couch and read chapter books together when the kids aren't feeling 100%. It's fun to get "lost" in a book. 

7. Teach them a new game. This last time I taught #2 how to play tic tack toe. She really enjoyed it. Other drawing games are the square game, hangman, pictionary, etc. 

8. Play Play-doh or other table games when they are ready for a break from sitting. I've found that kids get tired of activities faster when they are sick. We usually set up different rest stations among the house, one the living room, bedroom, toy room, etc. The

n they don't lay on the couch all day.

9. Play some education kid games online like

10. Last but not least, enjoy some love and cuddles while watching your child's favorite kids show. Currently my kids are into Wild Kratts.

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