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Monday, September 23, 2013

No More Whining

Ahhhhhhhh Do you have any children that whine? #1 never whined when he was little...and I mean never. Maybe its because he's a BOY? However, now that #2 is three years old, she's in FULL SWING of the whining stage. Maybe I lucked out with #1. He's all around a pretty well behaved kid (however I think he's learning some naughty things at preschool...oh well, only 5 more weeks and then I'm pulling him out...because we're moving and I'm choosing to home-school once we get to where we're going).

So, tonight at the dinner table was the last straw. #2 yelled and screamed at me...she had 30 minutes to eat her dinner, probably even more if I really think about it. The reward was, if she ate all her dinner she would get to go run errands with dad to the MALL....well that didn't happen and you'd think all hell broke loose! She kicked and screamed and whined and whined and whined. So, what did I do? Put her to bed. It was 7pm anyway and she was probably WAY tired, we've done a lot of "business things" today because we put our house on the market.

After she finally go her pjs on and went to bed (took about an hour for this to happen), I decided I'd use my Education Background and make her an incentive chart. A chart for no whining (or really a "I listened during a specific part of the day chart). Since she's 3, ONE sticker for ALL day is expecting way to much, so I broke it down like, breakfast, play time, snack, play time, lunch, play time, nap, play time, dinner, play time, bed. Since our days are always different I just used generic "play time"...I know what time of day I'm referring to. So she'll get a sticker if she "listens and follows the rules" during that specific time of the day....she LOVES stickers, so she'll be excited, I hope. If she gets 10 stickers a day out of 12, she will get to choose a FUN MOMMY and ME activity. (for the first week), then we'll reduce it to 9, 8, and so on. I feel that part of the reason she's whining and acting up is because she's looking for attention. I'm praying this helps.

Would you like the FREE No Whining chart? It's a word document, so feel free to adjust it to your child's needs.

Do you have any other tricks in your hat to help your child not whine and have a good day? I'd LOVE to hear them!

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  1. Beth, we had our MOPS meeting tonight without you, and you were so missed! I just wanted to tell you that I hope to continue reading about your life adventures once you get settled in and back to blogging. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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