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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I'll be doing Friday...

This year I CAN go Black Friday shopping! YIIPPPEEE!!!!!!! Last year I couldn't. If you are new to my blog and don't know why, or can't remember, THIS was why! But not this year. This year I even get to shop in a BIG city, verses a smaller city in Idaho. This year I have most stores at my fingertips....or should I say steering wheel?

Yes, I am a CRAZY Black Friday shopper...however I'm not one of those Black Friday Shoppers. I don't take things from other people's carts (oh the stories I could tell you), I've learned to stay AWAY from WalMart. But I enjoy it. I hopefully will get to go with my sister in law...if she'll go with me. Yes she will think I'm crazy. Loose sleep over shopping....yup, that's me. Stand in line for 30 minutes to save 30 dollars, yup, that's me.

Here's what's on my Black Friday list, this year its simple, short and to the point. Do you have a list? Or are you one of those who stays in their PJs and shops online on Cyber Monday?

Fred Meyer: I LOVE that they give out FREE donuts....and that they don't open until 5am.
  • 50% off Socks. I'm stocking up, for everyone, for the year!
  • Board/Card Games, BOGO
  • Twin Sheets, on sale $4.99
  • Pjs for the kids 4.99 (instead of 19.99!)
  • Microwave (half off)
  • Anything else that catches my eye!!

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