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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moving with 3 kids, Part 1.

We just recently moved from Idaho to Oregon. A 14 hour drive. We've done the drive many times from Idaho to where we live now. About 6 times, since Pastor's brother in law and sister in law live in Oregon as well. The drive wasn't bad. The kids were excited, we broke up the drive in two days. We swam in a pool at a hotel, wore the kids out. It was a decent drive. What was stressful rather, was the before process. Let me fill you in.

First, this was our FIRST move with 3 kids. You see when we moved to Idaho in 2010, we only had 1 child. #1. He was 16 months old. Since, we've added two beautiful girls, don't get me wrong....but packing boxes with 3 kids is NOT IDEAL!

#3, being 11 months old didn't understand why things were going in boxes. She thought it was a game. A fun one for her. Every time I would put one thing in a box, she would take out 10. It was a game I lost at. Everyday. The boxes didn't pack themselves, and to be honest, Pastor packed the garage and shed....and then helped carry some boxes but otherwise I did it. ME. SOLO. UNO. (Except for one day when a church member from our church in Idaho was so gracious and came over and basically packed my kitchen for me....because that's the ONE room in the house I hate packing, because it takes so much patience.) I utilized NAP time like you'd never believe. I prayed and prayed that the kids would sleep for hours so I could get as much boxes packed as possible (and sealed, so #3 couldn't empty them).

We did get the boxes packed.

It happened.

We also, by the Grace of God, and a VERY awesome relator, sold our first home. Boy, it's still hard to think that we left that house. So many memories. I cried. and cried. and cried as we pulled out the driveway for the very last time. I even begged Pastor if he would drive by it one more time before we left town for good, but he said it wouldn't help. I have pictures. I have my memories. Boy, I miss that house. I miss the back yard. The deck we put so much LOVE and care into building. The shed we finished just 2 weeks before we sold our house. I miss it.

However, before the house would "close" we had to do a couple repairs. One of them being very minor and cheap. A furnace flu, for $10 Pastor fixed that problem. The second repair was NOT cheap. Not one bit. The buyer asked us to replace the ROOF. The ENTIRE roof. Or he wouldn't buy the house. Now you see our house was only 17 years old. The roof SHOULDN'T have needed to be replaced. When we bought the house 3.5 years ago we were told it had a "long life expectancy left". I don't know what you consider long by 3.5 years isn't it, in my books!

So. I started panicking, when I should've started praying. A roof was going to cost us nearly $5,000. We already weren't going to make a dime on the sale of our house, but now this on top of it. I was freaking out. I trust God, but when it comes to finances I freak out, because money isn't something we have a lot of....(and don't really want a lot of, just the needs to get by everyday, that's all).

So. Here we are, figuring out what to do. Our relator said they could help us a bit, but not covering all the costs...

I was on the phone one night, almost in tears with my mom. When my step father in the background said "Why don't you file a home insurance claim?" . He was BRILLANT! We've paid our home owners insurance faithfully for the years we lived in the house. We had a LOT of unseasonably wet weather and hail this past year. It was worth a try.

I called them, but of course, it was a holiday, Columbus Day I think. So I got routed to the main office. He told me he would file a claim but he didn't think anything would happen. I didn't set my hopes to high.

So this was Monday, by Thursday I had a call from an inspector from our insurance company saying he could be out by Saturday to look at the house....note we had 13 days until the CLOSE of our house. Time was of the essence.

I called my relator and told her and she immediately told me to take the "FOR SALE" sign down, just in case that would sway the inspectors mind about approving our claim.

He came Saturday. He looked at the house. He told me "I don't see any hail damage on your roof...." He then said "But I DO see it on your screens, so let me run my numbers and see what I can do". Oh, Praise Jesus. I fought with LOVE and it worked.

I explained to him that we wanted to get it done before it "snows", aka, before we close on the house in less than 2 weeks. He told me this process could take up to about 6 months....I was thinking in my head...not for me it won't. He said that if I had a contractor come and give an estimate and sign off on it, we could start work.

He left at 10:15 on Saturday morning, our contractor was there by 10:30! We got a bid from him and he was even going to cut us a deal, since we are in the ministry he wanted to help us out (he grew up as a missionary kid in another country, so he understands a bit). God is on our side! We asked the contractor how we could save the most money and if he would let us tear off the roof ourselves to save money. He agreed. So Sunday Pastor and about a dozen people from church tore off the roof in 2 hours. Monday they felted the roof. Tuesday they put the new roof on. Wednesday I got BOTH insurance checks. Thursday I paid the contractor....and guess what. It cost us $78....for a NEW roof on our house.


Whew. One major thing done, all while trying to still pack the house up.

Stay tuned to hear about the packing the moving truck adventures, in part 2!

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