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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Packing the Moving Truck Adventures...moving part 2.

So, if you're new you'll want to catch this one about our first part of our move to the west coast. Selling our house was all GOD oh, and our awesome relator.

After we got word that our house sold, we knew that we would be moving as a family of 5. Because had our house not sold, Pastor would've moved out west and lived at the church or on the street or something while the kids and I stayed in Idaho until the house would sell. Praise the Lord the house sold. I am thankful everyday for that. We didn't make anything, but we sold it. Got our hands out of it. Sure we probably could've rented it but we didn't want to have to worry about it. PLUS now we can focus on our home buying process in Oregon (more on that to come).

We reserved a moving truck, 21sq ft of a semi. My thoughts were, OH plenty of space....ha. ha. ha.


When the truck arrived and I looked at how much "JUNK" we have, I was a little worried it wasn't going to fit. However Pastor is a very, very, VERY good packer. I had confidence. We packed the truck ourselves....and I can honestly say it'll be the LAST TIME we ever pack a truck ourselves for an out of town move....yeah we are young, but I can understand and appreciate now why people pay people do that stuff. Its a LOT OF WORK!

Pastor had started packing the truck early on October 29th. He was about an hour in, hadn't even made a dent in the boxes and a guy from our church comes over and stands at the back of the truck.

He told Pastor...take it all out...let's start over.


Here's the thing. He used to work for Mayflower. He KNOWS how to pack trucks. We took it all out, and started over. It took a whole 9 hours to load the truck (not bad for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, double car garage and shed in the backyard house!). We AMAZINGLY got MOST stuff in there. We did have to load a small open trailer that we pulled behind the van (thankfully I convinced Pastor to sell his motorcycle...don't worry guys, he already has bought a new one).  Otherwise the trailer would've been used for the bike.

We loaded the truck and when the driver came to pick it up he said he has NEVER seen someone load it so full. Yeah, Go Us!

We left Idaho on November 1. We spent our last night at a friends house and trick or treated with their family. It was probably the most fun way to end our time in Idaho!

We  set out for Oregon. We took two days to get here....and had a bit of van trouble on the way. Oh boy. It took us 5 hours to what should've taken us 2.5 hours to get to the first stop. We had some tire problems. Had we not noticed, the tire might have completely fallen off. Some how we lost some very important nuts or bolts (see how much I pay attention to that sort of stuff). This then caused us to depart 3 hours later the next day...but luckily the kids and I just swam at the hotel.

We made it to  our new city and were welcomed by our new loving congregation. We are still learning new things about our new city, but the kids and I love exploring!

I told Pastor I didn't want to move again in a LONG time....but I guess "long" is irrelevant, because we're moving again in less than a month. We've already purchased a new home....and THEN I don't want to move for a long time. We will have lots of DIY projects with our new home that I'm very excited to share with you!

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