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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Turn Taking Lesson

Sharing and Turn Taking =  Brother and Sister ages three and four.....
We try our best to teach our kids to share, share with each other, share with everyone. Do we succeed. Not always. Is it important? VERY. With #1 & #2 only being 18 months apart I hope they grow to be best friends, where they both look out for each other (I hope that for all my kids really), but let's be honest....18 months causes some friction. Serious friction. #2 is full out a three year old. She wants everything her way on her time or else. Her favorite saying right now is "I don't want to".
#1 is great, most of the time. He is humble, and tries to teach #2 how to share and take turns. She gets it, some of the time. Recently during a morning of homeschool "game time", the kids asked to play Connect Four. Now the kids don't understand the "concept" of playing this game, but that's not the point. The point is they have fun and they are learning a very important life skill while playing. We emphasize the importance of turn taking. One child gets red, the other child gets black, and you cannot put your "coin" in, until the other person goes. You can usually tell because #1 needs to create patterns while if #2 goes out of turn, he will get really frustrated because it messes up the patterns, so we have to stop and talk about taking turns.
Taking turns is something I didn't realize that we do everyday, all day. For example...
We take turns as to who gets to:
Empty the dish washer each day.
Get the mail.
Be the leader in biking.
Brush their teeth first.
Pick out the first story of the night.
Get in the van first.
Close the door.
Lock the door.
Go to the bathroom.
I could go on and on. For this very reason is why I teach the kids how to take turns, even if it requires hand holding every step of the way, its essential for my kids to learn this skill. Here are the TOP THREE ways that I've helped my kids learn turn taking.
  1. Play turn taking games.
  2. Provide a chart as to who gets to go "first" so they can see who's day it is to go first.
  3. Give incentives when they do take turns.
How do you help your kids take turns?

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