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Monday, April 28, 2014

Blessings Jar

Ever had a grumpy day? I was at the library with the kids last week and this book literally "jumped" off the shelves when my littlest one (almost 18 months) was crawling through the library book shelves.

 The story is about a little girl who wakes up grumpy and the Grandma in the story helps the girl in the story see all of God's Blessings around her. Each time the little girl is reminded of a blessing from God the grandma suggests to put a piece of that reminder in a jar, creating the Blessings Jar. It goes through a whole day with the little girl, and at the end of the story the girl realizes God's Blessings are everywhere, so how could she be grumpy.

Now we weren't necessarily having a "grumpy" day, but I think this is a cool reminder to show our children of God's abundant blessings. It was a quite easy project and my kids have been talking about different things they could put in our blessings jar all day! It really got them thinking!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Resurrection Eggs

I'm sure you've all heard of Resurrection Eggs. There are many  different sites online to find how to make your own. I'm not going to reword what's already been said, because I think Creative Bible Study Lessons has done an excellent job at explaining how to put a set together. They even include a story to read as you introduce the eggs. I like their idea of hiding the 12 Resurrection Eggs and when the kid who finds that egg, they open it up and show it to everyone.

We are having a little egg hunt at our church and instead of the kids making a craft to take home, they are each going to get to make a set of the Resurrection Eggs. Go HERE to find out how Creative Bible Study does it. Since our egg hunt is more of a come and go, not a set organized start and end time, each kid will get to find 11 single colored eggs (we are doing a different color for children, so we can monitor how many eggs kids get...just for number reasons). Then each child will get 1 white egg. This will be the "empty" resurrection egg. After they find their eggs (filled with candy), they will empty their eggs out and fill their eggs with the supplies needed for the Resurrection Eggs. We will give them a slip of paper they can color to label their egg carton. For a copy of my label, go here.

This is a way to help teach the Easter Story to children. What a wonderful way to share the Gospel!

Of course if you don't want to make your own, you can always buy some!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Matching Stickers: A Preschool Activity

Do you have a lot of double stickers? My mom likes to send me random craft supplies (I'll NEVER turn down craft supplies, at any time). Her last box to the kids included a whole bunch of stickers. Now my kids LOVE stickers. So much that I think we own over 10 sticker books! Our newest favorite is THIS book! My son just LOVES matching the lego stickers. It keeps him so quiet, for a long period of time!

So what did I do with the multiple stickers that my mom sent you ask? I let the kids play with some. Not all of them. I found this really neat idea to create our own matching pages with the stickers. It was so simple and I created 10 pages in a matter of minutes. We will use these matching pages in our church bags, dinner activities (something for them to do at the table while I make dinner), or just for fun!

If you have doubles of stickers you should make some for your preschooler too! Something fun for them!

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