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Monday, April 28, 2014

Blessings Jar

Ever had a grumpy day? I was at the library with the kids last week and this book literally "jumped" off the shelves when my littlest one (almost 18 months) was crawling through the library book shelves.

 The story is about a little girl who wakes up grumpy and the Grandma in the story helps the girl in the story see all of God's Blessings around her. Each time the little girl is reminded of a blessing from God the grandma suggests to put a piece of that reminder in a jar, creating the Blessings Jar. It goes through a whole day with the little girl, and at the end of the story the girl realizes God's Blessings are everywhere, so how could she be grumpy.

Now we weren't necessarily having a "grumpy" day, but I think this is a cool reminder to show our children of God's abundant blessings. It was a quite easy project and my kids have been talking about different things they could put in our blessings jar all day! It really got them thinking!

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