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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer Travels

I always grew up traveling a lot with my family. We drove everywhere. Very little did we fly. When traveling with my mom she would wake us up in the middle of the night, when it was still dark out, around 4am and she should put us in the car in our pjs. Then we would go back to sleep for 3 or so hours and have breakfast in the car. We did most trips this way.

I've now passed that tradition onto my own children. Tomorrow, in fact, I plan to get up around 5:30 (not SO early) and transfer my sleeping babies into the car to head to Idaho (where we just moved from in November). I miss my friends there dearly and CANNOT wait to see them. A lot of people have asked, aren't you worried to travel with 3 kids alone? Nope. I stop at well lit and public places. We don't stay long, just do our business and get back in the car. We stop to fill gas when needed and just keep going. I travel with a little kid potty in our van, so when the kids need to go to the bathroom I can easily pull over and they can go potty at a moments notice (almost, long as we aren't driving through the gorge). I also have MANY busy bags for the kids to do. This keeps my life a LOT easier. It keeps the kids busy, and then they aren't staring off into screen world with constant movies. BUT don't get me wrong, we DO WATCH MOVIES in the car.

A LOT goes into my trips. I do a lot of planning and packing. It's how I roll.

We have a lot of trips planned this summer and we're starting tomorrow! Where are you going this summer?
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